Aries Health Horoscope | Monday 08/31/2020


You may surprise yourself today, Aries.

Your health energy radiates in your head, so you may find yourself wanting to learn the art of meditation, or at least some deep breathing and calming techniques. These will help calm your mind, which has been a bit distractible recently.

Pay special attention to what you eat today. Your immune system is quite resilient and this has led you to eat trash foods in the past. In fact, the day is best suitable to institute some much needed long term changes in your dietary pattern. Blueberries contain more antioxidants than nearly any fruit or vegetable, and they go well with nearly any breakfast food. Try making yourself a blueberry smoothie to give your body a boost of health and energy.

Take care of yourself. Blue quartz is a calming, harmonizing stone that will bring balance to the body today. Place a piece of blue quartz near your projects or creative activities to help you find focus and clarity this Monday.